Please take a moment to read through our frequently asked questions before emailing us, as you may just find the answer your looking for!

How can I order?

We sell only through the Bows of London website. Please note that we no longer take order forms.

Can I make a team order?

Please contact us to find out more information and availability for team orders.

Do you make custom bows?

Unfortunately we do not create custom orders.

Do crystals fall off easily?

Due to the nature of the product, an odd crystal may fall off here and there – however we do not expect them too fall off easily if any at all. Like any handmade product, please treat your bow with care!

Do you use Swarovski crystals?

In order to provide the best value for our customers, we choose not to use Swarovski crystals. However, we think our crystals sparkle just as well and only use the next best quality!

Do you use bow promos?

No. Please note we are not able to respond to any emails or direct messages asking to promo. All our #BOLgirls (seen on our Instagram) are our customers who have sent us their photos wearing their BOL bow.

How do I become a BOLgirl?

All our #BOLgirls that you see on our Instagram, are our customers who have sent us their photos wearing their BOL bow. For a chance to feature, the photo should be taken in good daylight, the bow should be clearly seen on top of the head and the image should be sharp and in focus.

You don't use ribbon to make your bows?

All our bows are sewn from fabric.

How much are your bows in US dollars?

All our bows are sold in Great British Pounds (GBP). To convert to US dollars please use Goggle currency convertor.

Can I combine my shipping when buying more than one product?

Yes! Please make sure you pay for products together at the checkout as we are unable to refund and change to a combine shipping option on orders paid for separately.

Do you have a shop I can visit?

At the moment we only sell online.